These Are Beta Elements For Mario Golf Mushroom Tournament.
167px-542px-Mario MP9


Geno Was Going To Appear In The Game But Was Removed To Make Room For Daisy.


Peach's Castle And Isle Delfino Were Oringlally Courses 8 & 9 But 8 & 9 Were Replaced By A & B. And Was Only Playable On Mini-Golf.


There Were The Modes That Was Going To Appear In The Game. Boss Battles & Time Attack Were Going To Be In The Game But Was Removed Because Time Was Running Out.


Trees Were Going To Be A Hazard But Kirby Was Removed Because Of The Lack Of The Ability To Inhale.


Mallow Was Also Going To Appear In The Game But Was Replaced By Shadow Mario Due To Mallow Being The Wrong Colors


All Characters Of The WarioWare Series Were Orignally Deafult Characters But Some Got Moved Because Their Logos Are The Same As Warios.


3rd Party Characters Were Going To Appear In This Game But Was Removed Because Of No Voice Actors.


Rings Were Orignally Stars But Was Changed Because Of Poor Music.

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