Luigi is missing artwork

luigi tried to defeat bowser but wario kidnapped peach and waluigi kidnapped mario

now it is up to the heroes Yoshi, Boshi, tatanga, croco and wiggles to defeat bowser and rescue luigi.


1. Mushroom Kingdom - Boss: Fawful - Friend Need To Rescue: Donkey Kong

2. Pokey Desert - Boss: Sqizzard - Friend Need to rescue: Booster

3. Lakitu Clouds - Boss: Lakibill - friend need to rescue: friendly Goomba

4. Petey Piranhas Greenhouse - Boss: Wario - friend need to rescue: peach

5. Luigi's Castle - Boss: Waluigi - friend need to rescue: mario

6. Bowser's Secret Lab - Boss: Bowser - Friend need to rescue: luigi

Multiplayer chars:

Bowser jr




Platformers: Wii

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